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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining AIA

Q: How do I become a member of the AIA?

A: Employers of all sizes, including sole proprietorships are eligible for membership. Interested employers should contact Automotive Industries Association.

Q: How do I become eligible for participation in the AIA Employee Benefits Group?

A: Participation in the AIA Volume Purchasing Program is an exclusive membership privilege offered by the AIA. All members of the AIA are eligible to participate in the AIA Employee Benefits Program. Interested AIA members or prospective members should contact Morneau Shepell.

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Q: When is my premium payment due?

A: Payment is due the first business day of the billing month (i.e. January 1 for January). Invoices are mailed in advance of the due date.

Q: When are notices of employee changes due?

A: To ensure that employee coverage changes (e.g., new hires, terminations, etc…) are added to your next premium statement, notify Morneau Shepell, prior to the 12th of the month (as detailed in the Administrative Procedures section).

Q: Is it required that we adjust our monthly premium payment to reflect the changes we are submitting?

A: No. We ask that you submit changes without adjusting the premium amount due. Your next invoice will indicate the credit or the back charges for the changes submitted.

Q: We have a new hire who needs to be added to the plan. Do we send the Plan Member Enrolment Form with our premium?

A: No. The enrolment form should be faxed to your nearest Morneau Shepell Office.

Q: Is there a waiting period that must be satisfied before new employees can be added to the group plan?

A: The CPIA program’s waiting period can be found on the benefit summary included in the Employee Handbook.

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Policy Administration

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Q: Who is considered a full-time student?

A: A student must be taking at least 10 credit hours at an accredited educational institution to be considered as a full-time student. An individual can be considered a full time student up to the age of 25.

Q: How many hours must an employee work to be eligible for enrolment?

A: Please refer to the benefit summary found in the Employee Handbook for details on the minimum work week.

Q: Do all of my employees have to enrol in the health insurance plan?

A: All eligible employees, unless insured with comparable coverage through a spouse, are required to enrol in the health insurance plan. Employees eligible to waive coverage must complete the Waiver of Coverage form. Contact Morneau Shepell with questions.

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General Issues

Q: Am I covered for medical treatment away from my residence?

A: If your plan covers Out-of-Country benefits and if you suddenly become ill while travelling, you should call the Ontario Blue Cross Worldwide Travel Assistance hotline at 1 (800) 281-1474 (from the USA and Canada) or (416) 425-2076 (collect from anywhere else in the world). The customer service representatives at Ontario Blue Cross can help co-ordinate your coverage options.

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ID Cards

Q: A Plan Member has not received their Pay-Direct Drug card and they need to fill a prescription. What should they do?

A: The best option is to pay for the service and file a paper claim for reimbursement, attaching original receipts. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts submitted.

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Dental/ Vision

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If you have any further questions, please contact us; we'll be glad to help you.

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